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What makes a great role model?

What do you think makes a great role model? Is it courage? Is it leadership or charisma ? Is it simply sheer force of will? Or the ability to inspire.

Most often when we think of role models and great people we think of great generals or superhero or men of daring. But throughout our lives we also encounter many role models in many different fields, careers and places. But they all share one thing in common they inspire us. They set an example for us, they show us how we should live our lived.

Role models come in all shapes and sizes and indeed may often surprise us as to where we find them because sometimes they’re very quiet, just living their lives every day.

A humble janitor could be a great role model when they simply when he simply goes about their business dutifully and faithfully. We may not consciously realize it but it can have a huge impact on the way we conduct our lives.

At karate for excellence we understand the impact we can have on young people but we also understand the impact that young people have on each other. Our goal is to develop young leaders who have a positive impact on the other people in their lives.

Great role models don’t have to be superheroes, they can be ordinary people who live their Lives with honor and dignity.

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