Helping Children Thrive in School and at Home

Enroll your child in kids karate classes in Poughkeepsie, NY

Karate 4 Excellence LLC focuses on developing the next generation of leaders through kids karate classes. These classes improve children's confidence, self-discipline and athleticism.

To register for our kids self-defense program in Poughkeepsie, NY, call 845-462-0624 now.


Our kids karate classes emphasize self-discipline from the beginning. Rather than punishing students for their mistakes, our instructors help kids to...

  • Control their emotions
  • Practice martial arts techniques
  • Work toward long-term goals
  • Respect themselves and their peers by following respect-based customs

These methods also improve focus, which can help your child succeed in other aspects of life.


Competitive sports can be daunting for kids who aren't as talented as their teammates. Martial arts, however, focuses on individual performance. We make sure every student feels welcome at our dojo, and our instructors help every student reach their full potential.

If your child is interested in our kids self-defense program, contact us today.