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Our karate school has been serving Poughkeepsie, NY area families since 1991

Is your child fascinated by martial arts? Do they kick and punch the air when watching fight scenes on TV? If so, your child would love attending a karate school in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Karate 4 Excellence LLC welcomes children and adults who want to learn martial arts or take self-defense classes. Master Gerald Dunn is a 7th degree black belt with over 40 years of experience. He's been teaching martial arts since 1982, so you know your child will learn a lot from him.

Contact us today to sign the whole family up for karate classes. Don't forget to ask about our karate for kids, adult karate, and bully prevention programs.

Relieve Stress. Learn Self-Defense. Build Confidence.

You can do it all at Karate 4 Excellence

Our son has been going to Karate 4 Excellence since he was 5 years old, and he is now 11. My husband and I feel like Master and Mrs. Dunn are part of our family. They have guided our son through all these years, and he has thrived in discipline, perseverance, integrity, and skill. Now he is a 3rd degree black belt, and we are so proud of how dedicated he is. We now have our daughter enrolled in 4 Excellence and are so happy to see her progress. We highly recommend 4 Excellence for anyone!

Michelle Somma

Great experience!!

We are extremely happy here! Me, as the mom and my son as the student. My son has grown so much in every aspect of his life due to Karate with Senior Master Dunn. The classes are fun and challenging. The classes teach life skills as well as special topics, like how to cope with bullying. There are also opportunities for developing leadership skills. Overall, highly recommend!!

Heidi A.

Our child is enjoying her lessons every single day. We absolutely love how Master and Mrs. Dunn, encourage confidence, discipline, self respect and respect towards others in the children.We are getting exactly what we expected from the classes.
Not only that, Master and Mrs. Dunn are a great family and treat all the kids and the parents as part of their family. They are very personable and always invite us with smiling faces, regardless of their personal day. They make sure all the kids know that they are being trained personally even in large groups, every movement is observed and acknowledged. We feel very very lucky that our child is training under such knowledgeable masters.

Mani Haridevara

Great experience for my now 11 year old son.

We have been with Master and Mrs. Dunn now for several years and the experience has been extremely positive. They both do an excellent job when it comes to working with children both in the physical lessons with respect to forms, sparring and weapons as well as the leadership classes and lessons which focus on elements such as respect and loyalty. My son started several years ago at the age of 8 or so and has really responded to the structure provided by Karate 4 Excellence. He is more focused and better understands the meaning of all of the life skills including goals, which for him meant achieving his goal of black belt. Now a second degree black belt, my son really enjoys the classes and continues on in the program.

Joe S.

Master Dunn and Mrs. Dunn are excellent and knowledgeable instructors. In the time that i have been there, i have been able to increase my confidence to a level i did not think possible. My physical fitness level has also improved so much. The amount of respect and integrity that is both given and taught by this school is incredible. Highly recommended for both kids and adults.

Daniel Campbell

The best martial arts program in Poughkeepsie. SR. Master Dunn and Mrs. Dunn. Are two very nice, professional instructors. They will teach your child honesty, courage, self respect, forms, and you will see a change in your child's abilities. Try out a class, you will not be disappointed. Highly recommend this Karate 4 Excellence program.

Barbara Dostie

Karate 4 Excellence does a great job building confidence in younger children! My 5 year old has been enrolled for a year and I have seen drastic improvements in his self-confidence. I am extremely satisfied with our decision to enroll at 4 Excellence and would highly recommend to everyone!

Allison Ennis

One of the best taekwondo schools here in NY. If you are looking for your child or children to get into a sport that teaches: discipline, respect, structure, confidence, self defense, and dedication this is the place. The bonus of this school is we all are a family and everyone is so welcoming and really enjoy coming.

Sarah Harvey

Our son has been part of Karate 4 Excellence for years. He began just before five-years-old, and we learned quickly that no matter what age of the children in the program, the instructors provide the utmost care for their students in an age-appropriate way. The growth of our son, and all the other students in the program, has been amazing to see. Not only does the instruction teach self-discipline and control, but respect for everyone. Also, the system of rewards for growth, strength, discipline, and outstanding character results in well-rounded individuals.

Additionally, the students learn awareness of physical space, importance of physical fitness, mental and rhythmic sequencing of moves, and how to be good peers and role models for the younger students. With his black belt, our son has a renewed sense of responsibility and maturity. Thank you Karate 4 Excellence for bringing out the best in our son--it's been a dynamic and positive experience, and we look forward to the future!

Matthew somma

Absolutely love this place. It has done wonders for our son and we encourage anyone who's thinking about it to sign up, you will not regret it!! Thank you guys

Hamza El Jamal

My son loves the program-he has talked about not much else for the last two weeks. It's great to see him so excited and enjoying it.

Sarah Hamilton

You're Never Too Old to Take Karate Lessons

Plenty of adults attend our karate school in Poughkeepsie, NY

Self-defense is a valuable skill, especially for kids

Although using martial arts techniques can help kids defend themselves, they're no substitute for awareness and good judgement. After taking a few self-defense classes, your child will be able to...

  • Recognize potentially dangerous situations and avoid them, if possible
  • Diffuse situations with bullies to avoid a physical confrontation
  • Stand up for themselves and other kids who are being bullied

Karate is also a great way to teach your child discipline and self-confidence. Call 845-462-0624 now to register your child for our bully prevention program in Poughkeepsie, NY.

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