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Unlock Your Potential with Martial Arts Excellence

Karate 4 Excellence is committed to unlocking the full potential of every individual through the transformative power of martial arts. Our expertly crafted programs, led by Chief Master Gerald Dunn, focus on instilling discipline, enhancing confidence, and nurturing resilience. Beyond self-defense skills, we teach essential life skills that are applicable in every facet of life.

Tailored Programs for Everyone

Regardless of your age, skill level, or physical condition, we offer programs designed to suit your needs. Our classes cater to children, adults, and individuals with special requirements, embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity. Our curriculum adapts to your unique abilities and objectives, ensuring a rewarding experience for all.

A Welcoming, Safe, and Inclusive Community

We are dedicated to cultivating a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment where every student thrives. Our specialized programs accommodate children, teenagers, adults, and those with special needs. Our goal is to instill discipline, self-assurance, focus, and a strong sense of self in all our students, regardless of age or ability.

Classes For All Skill Levels

Welcome to Karate 4 Excellence, where our journey is founded on a commitment to excellence, unwavering dedication, and the belief that martial arts has the power to change lives.

Karate For Kids Respect, Self-discipline

Martial artists develop skills and traits needed to meet diverse challenges, such as studying to earn good grades. Just a few more are discipline, self-control, self-esteem, self-worth, courtesy, and respect for others

Adult Martial Arts Get Fit, Get Stronger

Studying martial arts is a fun, effective, increasingly-popular way to stay in shape, increase focus and speed, make good friends, and learn to defend yourself.

Special Needs Karate All-Inclusive Classes

Our staff is dedicated to working with students of all backgrounds and abilities, helping them learn new skills and take pride in everything they do. Our martial arts classes are designed for all students, with modifications to accommodate and build on each student's unique abilities.

Online Special
1 Week FREE
and a FREE Uniform!

Our programs are customized to suit individuals of all ages, skill levels, and physical abilities. Whether you're a child or an adult, or if you have special needs, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Transform Your Life with Karate 4 Excellence

Join Karate 4 Excellence for a life-altering experience!

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Karate For Kids

Explore the Special Offer for our karate for kids' classes in Poughkeepsie, NY. Karate instills values such as Respect, Courtesy, and Self-Control, which lead to the development of essential life skills. These skills result in better grades in school, a positive social environment, reduced ADD/ADHD issues, less bullying, improved self-defense abilities, and better behavior at home. At Karate 4 Excellence, our goal is to help kids and their families within the community. Our kids' martial arts program is more than just kicking and punching.

Martial Arts For Adults

Our Martial Arts classes for adults are exceptional in Poughkeepsie, NY. At Karate 4 Excellence, our instructors are fully committed to each student and the benefits that our program offers, both on and off the mat. From teaching self-defense skills safely to promoting physical fitness, our adult program delivers real-world results in this ever-changing world. Our community members in Poughkeepsie, NY cherish our classes and appreciate what we have to offer for our students and their families.

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Authored By Go2Karate.com Founder Tracy Lee Thomas
Book Title: "Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Lives"

Meet Our Owner Gerald Dunn

Welcome to Karate 4 Excellence, a place where dreams take shape, challenges are conquered, and personal growth knows no bounds. Since our founding in 1991, it has been my greatest honor to lead this exceptional martial arts community on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. We are standing by to show you our facility and what we have to offer you and your family.


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